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Hồ Viết Minh

Born in Vietnam, Hồ Viết Minh has been practicing acupuncture in Montreal, Rimouski and other towns across the province of Quebec since 1989. A descendent of Quang Trung Emperor, Hồ Viết Minh is also a Master of Tây Sơn, an ancient Vietnamese martial art. Vietnamese believe that traditional medicine, acupuncture, pharmacology and martial art come from the philosophy of Yi King that describes the various physical laws of the universe and their evolution. His particular art of acupuncture has been a tradition in his family for generations. He's been practicing acupuncture since 1970 and is the 6th generation to practice this art, learning from many masters including his grandmother, a descendant of the royal physician to emperor Quang Trung from the Tây Sơn dynasty. And now he is passing down his knowledge to his daughter, Caroline Quý Châu Hồ, who has graduated from the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ho Acupuncture differs from other types of acupuncture in that it has, throughout generations, married the science of acupuncture with the ancient art of Vietnamese diagnostic methods to more effectively treat illnesses. He also gave a lecture at the world congress of acupuncture in Paris, which was very well received by the professors and doctors of the field of acupuncture. You can read about this conference below.

Ho Acupuncture philosophy is based on the ancient Vietnamese saying that ``For the tens of thousands of illnesses, there is only one acupuncture.``

Đông Sơn Drums

Đông Sơn drums (also called Heger Type I drums) are bronze drums fabricated by the Đông Sơn culture around 600 BC in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. The patterns on the drums depict the daily life of ancient Vietnamese people and reflect various fields such as astrology, religion, army, and medicine; much like the philosophy of Yi King that describes the various physical laws of the universe and their evolution.

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Hồ Viết Minh is a member of l'Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec since 1989, and has been practicing acupuncture in Montreal and Rimouski and other towns in Quebec since. He is also a member of l'Association Des Acupuncteurs Du Québec.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who seeks acupuncture service/treatment?

Acupuncture is for all walks of life. Anybody who has already gone/sought/tried traditional medicine or other types of therapy without getting the expected result. More and more people seek acupuncture treatment as a first resort.

How many treatments will it take for me to feel better?

Depending on what the ailment is, for how long you’ve had it, and your overall lifestyle, treatment periods will vary. Most people feel better right away. However, to benefit fully from acupuncture, regular treatments might be required.

Are you able to treat my specific symptoms or ailment?

Acupuncture is like any conventional medicine. It all comes to the knowledge and ability of the practitioner. Here at Institut d’acupuncture Ho Viet Minh , people come with many different ailments. A 30-minute exam will determine if we can help your specific case. In our 45 years of practice, we have seen many and we also help many.

How long does a session last?

Each session of acupuncture lasts 20 minutes, not including small talk.

Why are you sometimes referred to as an ``institute``?

Ho Acupuncture also goes by the name Institut d’Acupuncture Ho Viet Minh, because other practitioners come to us for training, both beginners and experienced.

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture needles are very thin, only slightly thicker than a human hair. They bend when you touch them. The sensation is sometimes compared to a mosquito bite.

What types of ailments do people come and see you for?

People seek acupuncture treatment for many types of illnesses, such as headaches, muscle pain, high blood pressure, fatigue, vision problems, dizziness, ringing in ears, digestive problems, trouble sleeping, skin rash, difficulty urinating, seasonal allergies, sports injuries, gynecological conditions, burnout, etc.

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